Donald Glover wants fans to know that he had time for Deadpool. Glover and his brother, Stephen, were set to write and executive produce the Deadpool animated series for FX and Marvel Television. The project was officially shelved last week over creative differences.

There was also speculation that Donald Glover was too busy to serve as a showrunner on the series, but he put that notion to bed very early this morning. Glover tweeted out a script that effectively serves as the “finale” for his version of the show.

Many are reporting that this script is from the actual series, but that is unlikely. First, is built around the last male white rhino, Sudan, that died just last week. Whatever scripts Glover turned in for the cancelled animated series would have been completed before last week, making the subject matter of this scrip a very odd coincidence.

Even if you find the coincidence plausible, keep in mind that Glover probably can’t share any of the real scripts he handed in. Writing for Marvel Television usually comes with a non-disclosure agreement that covers the scripts you’re developing.

Since it’s probably not from the cancelled series, this script can be passed off as fan fiction. This keeps Glover in compliance with the NDA he most likely signed when he agreed to work on a show with Marvel.

This script is simply Donald Glover showing everyone that he had the time and talent to create a really funny Deadpool series that lives up to fans’ expectations of the character. It’s unfortunate that Glover, FX, and Marvel Television couldn’t all agree on what the series needed to be, but maybe Marvel Studios will find a place for Glover’s skills (he already did some uncredited writing on Black Panther).