Disney is treating Avengers: Infinity War like a Star Wars movie. Doing everything they can to minimize the window for spoilers to get out, Disney is holding social media reactions and reviews back until after the film’s world premiere on April 23.

Social media reactions will be allowed as of 10:30pm PST on Monday, April 23 (right around the time the premiere will end), with full reviews to follow at 3:00pm PST on Tuesday, April 24. The premiere could be the first time any critics or press see the film, but we do not know that for sure yet.

If there are press screenings ahead of the premiere, they will probably be earlier that day, or perhaps the weekend before.

This approach is atypical for Marvel Studios movies. Disney usually screens the films and lifts embargoes weeks in advance. While some may point to this as a lack of confidence in Infinity War, that is most certainly not the case. Disney is instead employing the same strategy they’ve used to safeguard spoilers for the Star Wars franchise since it returned to theaters in 2015.

As I noted earlier this month, Disney holds press conferences and junket interviews before the press actually see new Star Wars films. The press screenings begin with the premiere and then continue over the next few days. All screenings take place less than a week before a given Star Wars film is released.

This approach has nothing to do with confidence in the movies, as all of the new Star Wars films have been praised by critics. It’s all about keeping a lid on spoilers and we all know Avengers: Infinity War is going to have some very big spoilers including, but not limited to, major character deaths.

Shortening the window in which spoilers can get out is the right move by Disney and moviegoers will likely appreciate it when they go into Avengers: Infinity War not knowing what to expect.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters April 27.

SOURCE: Erik Davis (Fandango)