Your winner, and NEW standalone superhero box office champion of the world… BLACK PANTHER!

Okay, so they don’t announce box office records like that, but they ought to. Black Panther finished its sixth weekend with $1.24B at the worldwide box office. That’s the highest total for any standalone superhero movie ever released.

The record was previously set by Iron Man 3 ($1.22B) in 2013. Black Panther was already the first standalone superhero franchise to produce a billion-dollar hit with its first film. Only Batman and Iron Man have reached $1 billion on their own, but they only did so with sequels.

Overall, Black Panther is now the third-highest grossing superhero movie at the global box office. It only trails a pair of Marvel Studios team-up films, The Avengers ($1.52B) and Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.41B).

Black Panther may fall short of challenging those team-ups, but it doesn’t matter. The film has gone well beyond the craziest of box office predictions. Black Panther beat every other standalone superhero franchise in its first try. That is an amazing feat, among many others accomplished by this new franchise.