Guardians of the Galaxy franchise writer-director James Gunn just watched Avengers: Infinity War. His opinion of the film carries a lot of weight, as Infinity War is the first film not directed by Gunn to feature his Guardians.

Gunn also doesn’t play the role of company man, freely offering praise to any and all Marvel Studios movies. He has to genuinely like them in order to provide his stamp of approval. He’s done so, emphatically, for Infinity War.

Gunn is obviously happy with how his Guardians were handled by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Gunn also helped, serving as an executive producer on Avengers: Infinity War and providing his unique insight for the Guardians’ scenes.

Obviously, James Gunn isn’t completely unbiased since he did work on this film, but he never had to say anything. No one knew he was watching the movie today, so if he wasn’t sincerely impressed, he probably would not have shared any reaction at all.