Deadpool 2 is battling off bad buzz by way of rumors regarding poor test screenings. Collider was the first to contradict those rumors, and now The Hollywood Reported has additional details.

Not only is Deadpool 2 testing well, it’s testing better than the first film. The first two test screenings scored a 91 and 97 (out of 100), respectively. Fox recently screened two different cuts simultaneously in Dallas.

One cut scored a 94 and the other received a 98, so they’ll stick with the 98-scoring cut. The original Deadpool never scored higher than 91.

The reshoots that have garnered so much attention took place over just six days in Vancouver last month. A two-hour shoot was also done in Los Angeles to add a surprise cameo

It sounds like everything is going well for Deadpool 2, but we’ll all get to make up our own minds when it hits theaters May 18.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter