Source: BossLogic

The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer dominated the social media conversation over the weekend. Fans are beyond excited for the film’s April 27 release and it shows. Avengers: Infinity War set a new all-time record for advanced ticket sales for superhero movies in only 6 hours.

The new trailer has also inspired some very cool and very funny art. BossLogic has taken the lead once again with a series of posters including a Logan-inspired take on Thanos and Gamora, two perspectives of “The Last Shawarma,”  and a poster that solves Hawkeye’s absence in the Infinity War marketing thus far.

These are all great and the Logan poster has caught the attention of several people involved with Avengers: Infinity War, including directors Joe and Anthony Russo. They’ve made BossLogic’s art their profile photo on multiple social media accounts.

BossLogic often sells art prints here. None of these posters are up for sale as of this writing, but keep checking back, as they could be later.

You can buy tickets for Avengers: Infinity War here.