Black Panther has broken another record. The film has surpassed $500M domestic and has now earned $897.7M at the worldwide box office. That puts it ahead of Wonder Woman ($821.8M) as the best standalone superhero franchise debut of all time.

And Black Panther does not even opening in China until next weekend.

No other comic book or superhero franchise has earned as much with its first film globally as Black Panther. All that stands ahead of it on the global box office rankings for superheroes are sequels and Avengers team-ups.

Black Panther passed several films at the global box office this weekend. It blew by all three of Marvel Studios’ 2017 releases, Thor: Ragnarok($853.7M), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($863.8M), and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($880.2M).

The Ryan Coogler-directed film also passed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6M) and Spider-Man 3 ($890.9M) to move into seventh place on the worldwide box office rankings for superheroes.

All of the movies still in front of Black Panther on that list are members of the billion-dollar club that Marvel Studios’ 18th film will soon join. Next up, Black Panther will take on The Dark Knight ($1B) for sixth place.