Black Panther has made over half a billion dollars in North America after just its third weekend. Once again, the Ryan Coogler-directed film beat estimates with $66.7M this weekend. That brings its domestic total to $502.1M.

This is the third best third weekend any movie has ever had. Black Panther only trails Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($90.2M) and Avatar ($68.5M) in that respect. If it continues its habit if beating projections, Black Panther could wind up in second place with an official total above Avatar.

Black Panther has passed Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459M) for second place on Marvel Studios’ all-time domestic box office rankings. All that remains in front of Black Panther on that list is The Avengers ($623.4M).

It’s important to note that Black Panther remains well ahead of The Avengers‘ pace at the North American box office. The Avengers earned $55.6M in its third weekend, but the story is really told in the holds from one weekend to the next.

Black Panther dropped only 44.7% from its first weekend to its second and 40% from its second weekend to its third. The Avengers dropped 50.3% and 46% in those respective intervals. Nothing is guaranteed, but Black Panther continues to have a very real chance of finishing with a higher domestic box office total than The Avengers.

That would make Black Panther not only the biggest Marvel Studios film, but the biggest comic book adaptation ever released in North America. Passing The Avengers would also put Black Panther in the top five for all movies domestically.

SOURCE: Deadline