Marvel Studios' THOR: RAGNAROK..Thor (Chris Hemsworth)..Ph: Teaser Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Chris Hemsworth may be circling his next franchise now that his Marvel Studios contract is expired. Our dear Thor is in early negotiations to star in the upcoming Men in Black spinoff. The film is being directed by F. Gary Gray (Fate of the Furious).

The new film will live in the same world as the original series that starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It will shift its focus, however, to new characters. Hemsworth, should he sign, will be part of a diverse ensemble.

After showing how hilarious he can be in supporting roles in other films, Hemsworth put his comedic skills on full display in Thor: Ragnarok last year. It’s no wonder Sony Pictures is interested in him for an action comedy series like Men in Black.

Now the question is: will Men in Black keep Hemsworth from coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

His contract ends with Avengers 4, which he’s already filmed, but Hemsworth has also said he’d be interested in making another Thor film if the story was good enough. Hemsworth and Ragnarok director Taika Waititi even discussed ideas for another Thor just a couple months ago.

With the new Men in Black going into production this year for a June 14, 2019 release, there will not be any scheduling conflicts for this first film. Should Sony succeed with this revival and get sequels, it should not be too hard for Hemsworth to work in a fourth Thor movie (and potential Avengers appearances) somewhere in between.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter