Hasbro will begin rolling out their line of Avengers: Infinity War toys and collectibles this weekend in conjunction with Marvel: The Universe Unites. We have official images of all of the amazing products Hasbro will be releasing this weekend, as well as the coming months.

You can see products from each category–Marvel Legends, action figures, Titan Hero figures, and role play–in the corresponding galleries below.

The Marvel Legends line is Hasbro’s signature line of action figures for Marvel. We’ve already seen photos of some of these figures, but now we have our best look yet at all of them, including one of the Children of Thanos, Cull Obsidian!

The standard action figure lines offers several characters and a better price point, especially if you’re buying for kids, than the Marvel Legends line.

The role play line has lots of cool stuff including an Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker.

The Titan Hero line is massive, in that the figures are large and there are tons of character included!

Lastly, we’ve got a few more items, including a battle set that shows off what could be new armor for Thanos in the film.