Once again, no box office estimate is aggressive enough to match Black Panther. As of yesterday, the film was thought to have earned $108M in its second weekend in North America. The official total today shows it actually made $111.7M.

It’s the second best second weekend ever and brings Black Panther‘s domestic box office total to $403.6M. The film still fifth all-time for Marvel Studios in North America, but by today or tomorrow at the latest, it will pass Captain America: Civil War ($408.1M) and Iron Man 3 ($409M) for third place.

Black Panther only dropped 44.7% from its first weekend to its second. That’s the best hold for any Marvel Studios film ever. Black Panther continues to stay ahead of The Avengers‘ pace, as that film had accumulated $373.1M by the end of its second weekend.

The Avengers finished up with $623.4M at the domestic box office. That is still the record for superhero films, but Black Panther is on pace to break it. That’s not a guarantee that Black Panther will sustain its current pace long enough to set a new domestic record for superheroes, but it’s hard to bet against it at this point.

The box office continues to spell success for Black Panther outside of North America. Its worldwide total is now over $700M and it still hasn’t even opened in China, the world’s second largest movie market.

Marvel Studios’ last seven films before Black Panther all made over $100M in China. The last five averaged $123.8M per film. Even if Black Panther is a slightly below average performer in China, its dominance in North America will more than make up the difference.

In all likelihood, Black Panther is going to go over $1 billion worldwide, something only two solo superhero franchises have done before. Both of those cases, Batman and Iron Man, involved sequels. No standalone superhero franchise has ever done this with its first film.

Once it clears $1B, Black Panther could set its sights on a at least one, but possibly two world records. Iron Man 3 ($1.22B) holds the global box office record for solo superhero movies while The Avengers ($1.52B) has the highest worldwide total for any superhero film.

As of right now, all of those records are within reach for Black Panther. To be perfectly clear, the film does not need any of the records I’ve mentioned in order to be a phenomenal success. Black Panther is already exactly that.

Any additional records it clears between now and the end of its box office run is just another train full of Vibranium from the Great Mound.