Black Panther has only been in theaters for a week and a half, but it is already one of Marvel Studios’ greatest success stories. One of the keys to that success is the same as it’s been for every Marvel film: drawing inspiration from the source material.

Time and again, Marvel Studios finds a way to make these characters and stories look and feel like the comic books upon which they are based. Classic comics, current issues, and everything in between all get the opportunity to inspire the filmmakers.

Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park shared a King T’Chaka design that shows the cape from classic iterations of the Black Panther costume.

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding showed the influence of Brian Stelfreeze’s art from the current Black Panther comic series in one of the earlier designs for the film.

Even though these were not the final designs for the film, you can see the level of care and the respect for the source material that ultimately shows up on the big screen. The costumes in Black Panther add their own MCU flavor to the mythology, but they still capture the core aesthetic (while looking really, really cool).