The news just keeps getting better and better for Black Panther. Marvel Studios’ 18th film is now the highest rated superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes. It already had the best score on the Tomatometer with 97%, but now it has the highest adjusted score on Rotten Tomatoes‘ official rankings.

Rotten Tomatoes makes an adjustment to account for the variation in the number of reviews per movie to determine their final rankings. Black Panther‘s adjusted score is 117.552%, which puts it ahead of Wonder Woman (108.588%) for first place.

We know Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige agrees, at least within the MCU, as he told director Ryan Coogler that Black Panther was the best movie the studio had ever made.

Black Panther also has the highest rating of any live-action superhero movie on Metacritic. The film is one of only two live-action superhero movie, the other being The Avengers, to earn an “A+ CinemaScore” from audiences.

All of his buzz should add even more fuel to the fire as Black Panther continues breaking box office records.