Black Panther is making more history tonight. The 18th Marvel Studios film is just the second live-action superhero movie ever to receive a very rare “A+” CinemaScore from audiences.

The first? Marvel Studios’ The Avengers in 2012.

Marvel Studios continues to impress moviegoers. Black Panther is the studio’s 14th film to receive an “A” CinemaScore or better. Marvel Studios has three other films that scored an “A-” while only one release out of the studio’s 18 features fell completely out of the “A- to A+” range (Thor got a “B+” in 2011).

Marvel has really been on fire the last few years. They haven’t received a CinemaScore below an “A” since Thor: The Dark World got an “A-“ in November 2013. That’s a streak of 10 films that got an “A” or better.

This outstanding word-of-mouth bodes well not only for this weekend, but for Black Panther’s entire box office run.