21st Century Fox is still very excited about selling most of the company’s assets to Disney. Fox is aware of the reports that Comcast may try to put another bid together, but the former likes the deal they already have in place.

Speaking at Recode’s Code Media event yesterday, 21st Century Fox President Peter Rice referred to the Comcast reports as part of “speculation-palooza.” Rice believes his company would be a terrific acquisition for Comcast or Disney, but that Disney is ultimately the better partner.

21st Century Fox leadership seems very happy about moving forward and completing the deal with Disney. Shareholders have rights, however, so Comcast still has a shot if they put together a bid high enough to force a vote at Fox.

The longer Comcast waits, the less I like their chances of outbidding Disney. The regulatory process is already underway for the Disney-Fox deal. The closer the deal gets to government approval, the less likely it is for anyone at Fox to be willing to go all the way back to square one for a new deal with Comcast.

All of this Comcast speculation has an expiration date that is coming sooner than later.

SOURCE: Variety