Black Panther is getting bigger and bigger. The only thing that will keep box office estimates from going up is for the movie to actually come out (and beat those estimates). The 18th Marvel Studios feature film is now set for a $165M North American debut over the four-day President’s Day weekend.

Earlier estimates had Black Panther pulling in $150M over the holiday weekend, but the latest tracking has the film shattering the previous record for the same weekend (Deadpool). Black Panther should have little trouble having breaking the record for the best three-debut for the first film in a Marvel Studios solo franchise, set by Iron Man in 2008 ($98.6M).

We will have to see what the actual box office numbers eventually are, as the tracking could be off in either direction. I’m guessing, though, that Black Panther winds up over these already incredible estimates.

Black Panther is in theaters February 16 and you can get your tickets here.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter