Sebastian Stan has taken Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier through an emotional journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s gone from Steve Rogers’ best friend and a soldier in the United States Army to a Hydra-controlled assassin and back and forth. He’s currently on ice in Wakanda after Captain America: Civil War.

There could be even more major changes for Bucky if his MCU trajectory matches that of the comics. For a brief period when Steve Rogers was “dead,” Bucky assumed the role of Captain America. Stan would be happy to play that out in the MCU, but cautions that it’s not as simple as handing Bucky a shield.

Stan discussed the possibility of playing Bucky as Cap during his Wizard World St. Louis panel last weekend (via Jade B on YouTube).

“I mean, yeah I would love that one day, absolutely. I don’t know when that day would be. It would be a very different Captain America. You wouldn’t be able to have the same Captain America as you have him now because he’s a different guy. And again, there’s this issue where we gotta get [Bucky] to be trustworthy enough for [The Avengers] to give him that responsibility, to fill those shoes. And those are hard shoes to fill. I think it’s possible one day, I really do. I just think it has to make sense and we might need a little more time.”

A lot can be accomplished over the span of the next two Avengers movies. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) could be killed in action and Bucky will have numerous opportunities to earn The Avengers’ trust.

Should Steve Rogers die, however, there is also the option of having Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) assume the mantle of Captain America, as Wilson has in the comics. Marvel Studios has options as far as the legacy of Captain America is concerned.

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