Venom is about to be back in the mainstream conversation this year with his own movie, Sony Pictures’ Venom, arriving this October. Hasbro is preparing to meet any new demand for the character with his own Marvel Legends series of action figures.

The line stars Venom and Carnage, but is based on the comic book versions of the character, not the designs from the movie. There will also be larger, Titan Hero figures of each character and a smaller scale two-pack.

There is no word yet on what other figures will be included in the Marvel Legends line, or which Build-a-Figure they will allow collectors to assemble. We can expect to learn those details at New York Toy Fair later this month.

It is a little disappointing to now have a cinematic version of Venom to reflect the new movie, so hopefully that comes along at some point. The licensing agreement between Sony and Marvel is much better than the one Marvel has with Fox, especially when it comes to merchandising, so we usually see movie-based action figures from Sony’s films.

Hopefully that will still be the case for Venom.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter