Hasbro has not released official images of their Marvel Legends series for Avengers: Infinity War, but they have been spotted in the wild. Photos of Spider-Man (in his new suit), Iron Man, Captain America, and Proxima Midnight action figures are now available.

Captain American’s beard is looking a thin, but he’s got a new shield and also the head of a Thanos Build-A-Figure.

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Hasbro usually has six or seven figures in each Marvel Legends line, but they always include at least a couple figures from the comics. These four are probably the only ones directly from Avengers: Infinity War in the first wave.

It’s really cool to see Proxima Midnight, one of the Children of Thanos (known in the comics as the Black Order), featured in the first wave. That could be an indication of just how prominently she will be featured in the film.

Also, who else can’t wait to build Thanos?!

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters May 4.


SOURCE: Reddit