Fandango reports that Black Panther is now outpacing Batman v Superman to become the top advanced ticket seller of any superhero movie. There was never any doubt Black Panther would be a hit. It was just a matter of how big the box office would be and the estimates just keep going up.

Black Panther had the best first day of advanced ticket sales in Marvel Studios history earlier this month. The first box office tracking pointed to an opening weekend between $100M and $120M. That would be an outstanding result, but those estimates are feeling like the floor, not the ceiling.

Critics are already praising the movie on social media after seeing Black Panther earlier this week. Those social media reactions, along with the overwhelmingly positive reviews that are likely to follow, will continue driving sales upward. Black Panther could be looking at one of the best opening weekends of any superhero movie.

Batman v Superman turned its (former) advanced ticket sales record into an opening weekend of $166M. The highest opening weekend for a superhero movie is 2012’s The Avengers with $207.4M. That just goes to show you that the correlation between advanced ticket sales and box office records isn’t exact.

Black Panther is not guaranteed an opening above that of BvS, nor does it need one in order to be considered a major success. Anything over $100M is awesome, but it’s hard not to be excited about even greater possibilities for such an important film.

Black Panther is in theaters February 16, so get your tickets while you still can!