Source: Page Six

Brie Larson has been spotted in costume for the very first time as Captain Marvel. The Oscar-winning actress was on a Marvel set in Atlanta yesterday when Page Six snapped the exclusive photos. The filming could have been for Avengers 4 or Captain Marvel.

The costume design matches the concept art shown at San Diego Comic-Con last July, but the color scheme is different from that art and what we usually see in the comics. The green that we see in the costume is usually red.

Captain Marvel has had an alternate color scheme in the comics, replacing the red and blue with grey and black. Marvel could be providing the movie iteration of Carol Danvers with multiple suit variations as well. It’s also worth noting that Danvers did have a Kree-inspired costume with a lot of green in it when she first got started (in one version of her origin, anyway).

Captain Marvel is expected to do much of its production in California, so this could be a scene from Avengers 4 which has still been doing additional filming in Atlanta even after hosting its wrap party earlier this month. Of course, Atlanta has been Marvel Studios’ main production hub since Ant-Man started production there in 2014, so this could still be the start of production on Captain Marvel.

The scene in the photographs certainly looks like a better fit for Captain Marvel. It’s an origin film, which is a better place to show Danvers using her super strength to crush the hand of a random thug than right in the middle of The Avengers’ battle with Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers 4.

That Captain Marvel is an origin film is also the most likely explanation behind the costume. Perhaps this is Mark I before Danvers swaps out the green for red in Mark II.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters March 8, 2019.