Black Widow is moving forward with a screenwriter in place and likely a big payday for star Scarlett Johansson. Rumor has it Johansson is set to make $25 million for the film, a number that could increase to $31M if the movie grosses over $900M worldwide. If true, that would make Johansson the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

I stress the word rumor for now, as all of this is coming from The Daily Mail, which isn’t an ideal source. Even so, I have no doubt that even if these numbers aren’t quite accurate, Johansson is going to be paid very well for Black Widow.

Johansson’s original Marvel Studios contract expires with Avengers 4, so Black Widow is (or already was) part of a new negotiation. At this point, it’s not a movie Johansson has to do, so she and her agents are in a position of strength to get what the actress wants and, frankly, deserves.

The Daily Mail also has Black Widow targeted for a 2020 release. That makes sense given that Marvel Studios has three release dates booked for that year and only one film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, on the schedule. GotG Vol. 3 is expected to take the May 1 slot, so Black Widow could arrive on July 10 or November 6 of that year.

Of course, all of that depends on getting the script in order and finding a director, so no release date is really set right now.