The hot rumor of the week is evolving, slightly. After reporting on Collider Movie Talk that “Spider-Man, and I’m talking about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, is gonna be in Venom,” Jon Schnepp is modifying the rumor. Now he says that Tom Holland is in the movie, but as Peter Parker and not in his Spidey costume.

Schnepp adjusted his Collider Movie Talk report on the latest episode of Collider Heroes.

“Tom Holland was on set filming scenes on Venom for at least two days as Peter Parker. Ok, so I’m not saying that Spider-Man is in the film. When I say that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in the film, I’m saying ‘Peter Parker is in the film. This is a cameo. I don’t know what it is. I didn’t read the script.”

Whether Peter Parker wears his red and blue Underoos or not, the biggest impact of this rumor remains the same. If Tom Holland is in Venom as Peter Parker, or Spider-Man (or both), his presence effectively connects the film to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That would mean Sony Pictures either got Marvel Studios’ permission to connect the film to the MCU, or since Sony doesn’t need any permission to put Tom Holland in any movie they make, they are doing this without the approval of Marvel Studios. If it’s the latter, Sony could placing a very valuable business relationship at risk.

And this all assumes that the rumor is true, which I’m not actually doing. I’ve still got my salt shaker at the ready.