Deadpool 2 is moving closer to Avengers: Infinity War. Fox has moved the film up two weeks from June 1 to May 18 this year, taking it out of the second weekend for Solo: A Star Wars Story and placing it in the third weekend for Marvel Studios’ massive team-up film.

That is just one of three release date changes for the X-Men franchise. Fox has also pushed New Mutants from April 13 of this year all the way back to February 22, 2019. Gambit, which just lost director Gore Verbinski today, jumps from February 14, 2019 to June 7, 2019.

I’m curious as to how Disney feels about Deadpool 2 jumping right in between two of Disney’s biggest releases this year. Given that Disney agreed to purchase most of 21st Century Fox (including the movie studio) last year, I would imagine they probably knew this was coming and didn’t have an issue with it.

Avengers: Infinity War will be just fine and it would not surprise me if this is just the first time we see Deadpool 2 move. There is a lot of speculation right now that Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to move from its May 25 release date. Fox must believe that, otherwise why put Deadpool 2 in such a competitive spot between arguably the summer’s two biggest films?

If Solo moves, then Deadpool 2 can easily slide back a week and open on Memorial Day weekend. That would give it a little more distance from Infinity War and plenty of room for strong holds on subsequent weekends.

Gambit being pushed back is an obvious call given that Fox will need time to find a new director, again. At this point, release dates and even director hires mean next to nothing for this production.

New Mutants is the most curious case of all. The Hollywood Reporter broke this story and according to their sources, one of the reasons behind the move is to prevent overlapping international release windows with Deadpool 2. That explains moving New Mutants back a bit, but certainly not 10 months.

There has to be something else at play here. New Mutants could have easily moved back to late summer where the competition is minimal. Since the film is clearly leaning heavily into horror, a September or October release, a couple weeks before or after Sony’s Venom would have worked just fine.

There has been no word on any trouble with New Mutants, so we’re not looking at extra time being needed for massive reshoots. Many have wondered how the Disney-Fox deal would affect Fox’s Marvel-based films and I can’t help but wonder if this is the first major impact.

Perhaps New Mutants is now a one-off by design, as a February 2019 release will leave little or no time for a sequel to be developed until after the Disney-Fox deal is finalized. That does not mean New Mutants can’t or won’t get a sequel. It might, but this timeframe could now make it 100% Disney’s call rather than the studio inheriting a sequel that is already in development, or production.