The Avengers: Infinity War trailer proved to be the most anticipated trailer of all time. It broke a record with 230 million views in its first 24 hours. Moviegoers were undoubtedly impressed by what they saw, but star Chris Hemsworth initially thought the audience needed more.

Hemsworth liked the trailer, but he worried that the audience was not given enough information. As he tells, IGN, it was co-director Joe Russo who convinced him the trailer showed all that it needed.

“It doesn’t give much away, for sure, because I remember watching it going, ‘aw, it doesn’t tell people enough.’ And then Joe [Russo] was like, ‘you don’t need to tell them anything, they want anything…’ Like, ‘Does it explain the story?’ It’s like, ‘it doesn’t need to.'”

Russo was right. Audiences really did want anything after begging for the trailer for almost five months after the first footage was shown only for limited audiences at D23 Expo and Comic-Con. Besides, it’s better to show a ton of cool footage than give away too much plot. Hemsworth picked up on that in his initial reaction to the trailer.

“Just a smorgasbord of cool s**t… I think we were all excited, watching it, just looking at each other going, ‘Oh my God, look what we’re a part of.’ You know, you’re on the grind and you’re working and on the set, it’s hard to have any perspective, and then you see the trailer and go ‘oh wow,’ this is what we’re in for.”

There will be much more to see of Avengers: Infinity War in the coming months. I’m in favor of Joe Russo’s strategy of focusing on big, cool visuals while keeping the plot under wraps. We’ve waited 10 years for this story. No need to spoil the fun at the last minute.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters May 4.