The hot topic on the 12 Strong press tour continues to be star Chris Hemsworth’s comments about the Disney-Fox merger. He’s already expressed his willingness to sign a new contract after Avengers 4 and his desire to see The Avengers and X-Men interact. Now he has more specific plans on how to bring it all together.

Hemsworth wants to see Wolverine in the MCU. Specifically, Hemsworth wants the original big screen Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, to be involved. There is the little matter of that Wolverine’s death in last year’s Logan, but that’s nothing a little screenwriting and a phone call can’t fix, as Hemsworth tells ScreenRant.

“I mean, Wolverine, just because I love that character, you know what I mean? I just love Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, he died in the last movie, didn’t he?

“We can bring him back to life… Now that you’ve informed me that it’s a possibility I’m going to get on the one phone and try to coax him over or convince him and see if he has one more in him.”

It is going to take a lot of convincing to get Hugh Jackman back into the role he played for 17 years. Last month, Jackman said he would be excited to see Wolverine in the MCU, but with another actor in the role. Logan was the perfect finale for Jackman, so it would be hard to blame him for standing on that film instead of coming back to share the screen with a few Avengers.

Hemsworth will probably have better luck securing a team-up with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.