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Expiring contracts have been talked about regularly throughout Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The original lineup from 2012’s The Avengers will be all done by the time Avengers 4 hits theaters next year, leaving the future uncertain. Chris Hemsworth, who just fulfilled (most of) his contract by wrapping on Avengers 4, is among the pending free agents.

Hemsworth is the most interesting case out of all Phase One Avengers. He is fresh off of Thor: Ragnarok, which was essentially a soft reboot of the franchise. The God of Thunder has a new lease on life and it hardly feels like the right time to wrap things up with the character. Speaking with IGN, Hemsworth acknowledges the completion of his contract and the exciting new possibilities, should he re-sign.

“I’ve just, literally two days ago, finished Avengers 4 and that’s my contract — my preexisting contract is done now, so it’s kind of like, ‘wow, that’s it.’ Two or three films ago I was like, ‘okay, a couple more.’ I was enjoying it but I was like… I felt a little restricted. And after this last experience with [Thor: Ragnarok director] Taika [Waititi], and actually these last two Avengers, I feel like we’ve reinvented the character a number of times — even in these next two, he evolves again, and you don’t get that opportunity often in a franchise. So I definitely feel a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm, and more so than ever, I think.”

Despite wrapping on Avengers 4, Hemsworth probably isn’t 100% done with his contract. Reshoots or additional photography could in his future, and of course, publicity tours for both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are likely part of the deal.

Hemsworth’s renewed enthusiasm for Thor bodes well for the future of his solo franchise. Taika Waititi has previously expressed interest in making another film, which he would consider Thor: Ragnarok 2 instead of Thor 4. Should Thor survive the next two Avengers films, Hemsworth would probably be interested, but he makes it clear that no talks of a new contract have taken place yet.

“Right now, it’s about Avengers and it’s about that storyline and those characters. That’s the focus, in all honesty; I haven’t had conversations about anything else beyond that.”

Avengers: Infinity War is out May 4 this year and with Avengers 4 not releasing until May 3, 2019, there is plenty of time for contract negotiations to take place. There’s just no need for those talks to happen in the very near future.