Source: Marvel Comics

Last year ended with a bang, as Fox agreed to sell most of the company’s assets, including the movie studio, to Disney for $52.4 billion. As a result, all Fox-owned Marvel licenses will eventually fall under the jurisdiction of Disney-owned Marvel Studios. That inevitability has generated questions as to how Fox will proceed with all Marvel projects already in development. As it turns out, nothing is changing, at least not yet.

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con last July, Fargo (the series) and Legion creator Noah Hawley announced that he is developing a movie centering on arguably Marvel’s greatest villain, Doctor Doom. The character has been cursed on the big screen, so fan enthusiasm for the project has yet to take any steps beyond extremely cautious optimism.

It has been speculated that the film could be an early casualty of the Disney-Fox merger, but that would be news to Hawley, based on what he recently told Collider after a Television Critics Association panel.

“I haven’t had a single conversation yet about Doom in the context of the merger. On some level, we’re still looking at a period of time – probably a year, at the least – for this whole thing to go through. Who knows, corporately, what conversations will be had, but certainly, until it goes through, it’s not a legal thing. I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring to see if anyone is gonna have an opinion. Otherwise, it’s just business as usual for me.”

Hawley is right. The Disney-Fox deal is going to take all of 2018 and up to half of 2019 to close. That’s just too long of a time period for everyone to stand around twiddling their thumbs, waiting to see how everything shakes out. Everything continues to move forward unless the creators involved are explicitly told to stop.

Fox appears to be proceeding with at least developing sequel ideas for this April’s New Mutants, as notable artist Bill Sienkiewicz mentioned a meeting with the studio that took place yesterday.

It’s possible Sienkiewicz is talking about the first movie, but there’s not much to plan for a movie that has already been made and is only three months from release, other than marketing. More likely, Fox is putting together ideas so that everyone is ready to make a sequel very quickly, should the first film become a hit.

None of this means that Disney and Marvel Studios will have zero input on Fox’s Marvel movies between now and the time the deal becomes final. There could be meetings at any point in the interim, but it is a little early for those meetings to have taken place and progressed to a point where action (or inaction) will be taken.

Hollywood is just getting back from everyone’s holiday break and Marvel Studios is more than just a little busy right now. The studio has three movies (Black PantherAvengers: Infinity WarAnt-Man and the Wasp) being released in the next six months. Two more films, Captain Marvel and the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, start production in that same time period and Avengers 4 is still being filmed in Atlanta as we speak.

There could still be meetings at any point in time, but my guess is that Marvel Studios does not start seriously diving into Fox-Marvel and figuring out or altering any plans until mid-year. Studio boss Kevin Feige should have a lot more time on his calendar when summer rolls around.

Until then, everything really is business as usual for Fox-Marvel.