As Disney reportedly closes in on the purchase of most of 21st Century Fox, including Fox’s movie studio, internal and external speculation is running rampant. Everyone is wondering exactly how everything will fit together, though one high level executive is eager to be reunited with his first superhero team. Deadline reports that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is eager to work with the X-Men franchise once again.

This comes as no surprise. The X-Men have long paced ahead of The Avengers as the most popular team in Marvel Comics. Disney getting the rights to the X-Men franchise for Marvel Studios would open up several movie possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that could play out over years, or decades.

There is likely some sentimental value in the franchise for Feige. His first producing job was as an associate producer on 2000’s X-Men. He was there at the beginning of the franchise and would no doubt love the opportunity to usher in a new beginning for the franchise as part of a much larger Marvel universe for the very first time.