Avengers: Infinity War has broken its first record. The film’s first trailer premiered yesterday morning and was viewed 230 million times in its first 24 hours. That mark smashes the previous record held by the It trailer (197 million).

Marvel Studios thanked their dedicated fans on social media.

Marvel Studios’ previous best for trailer views in a day came earlier this year with Thor: Ragnarok at 136 million. Next in line for Marvel is Captain America: Civil War with 94.7 million. This is a great sign that the interest in Avengers: Infinity War is extremely high and people are already treating it like the movie event of 2018.

Trailer records do not always turn into box office records, as it’s not as if Thor: Ragnarok wound up with the biggest opening weekend in Marvel Studios history. It did, however, have the highest domestic opening in the history of the Thor franchise ($122.7M) and is also the highest grossing film in the series worldwide ($798.4M and counting).

Marvel Studios will have to wait and see if Avengers: Infinity War can topple The Avengers‘ domestic opening of $207.4M and worldwide total of $1.52B, both of which are bests for the studio.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters May 4, 2018