Way back before he was leading Marvel Studios to unprecedented box office success, Kevin Feige started out as an intern for X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner and her husband, Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner. Feige then became Lauren Shuler Donner’s assistant before she gave him his first producing job as an associate producer on the X-Men (2000).

That film helped kickstart the modern superhero movie boom that has only grown over the better part of the past two decades. Just as impressive is the fact that the X-Men franchise that began in 2000 is still running. One the few things eluding the X-Men franchise is the chance for the world famous mutants to interact with The Avengers and other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Lauren Shuler Donner tells Vanity Fair, she hopes to one day work with Kevin Feige again and make that dream a reality.

“Well, I wish. I would love it, I would love it. But it’s not for me to say.”

As Donner says, it’s not up to her. She is a producer on the franchise, but the rights are owned by Fox. If, however, Disney is able to buy Fox’s movie studio, then Donner could get her wish. It would be really amazing to see Donner and the man who started as her assistant reunite to usher in a whole new era for Marvel fans at the movies.

There is no doubt that Feige would also love to see the characters with which he started producing movies come home to Marvel Studios. It may feel like such a day will never come, but that’s also what many said about Spider-Man joining the MCU and look how that turned out.