Image via Geek Exchange

Deadline’s Mike Fleming has been hearing Disney is “progressing speedily” toward its purchase of the majority of 21st Century Fox. Negotiations between both companies were reported earlier this month, but had already cooled by the time anyone caught wind of them. Now, it appears they are back on.

Fox will not be parting with its sports and news divisions, but if a deal is made, Disney will own Fox’s movie studio and all that comes with it. That bounty includes the licenses to Marvel properties Fantastic FourX-Men, and all related franchises such as Deadpool.

Fleming describes Disney as currently being in a “cone of silence,” not speaking publicly about any potential deal, as is typical. Disney did not let on about its acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm until those deals were done. This potential deal with Fox is no different. We will only hear an official word if an agreement is reached.

The X-Men and Fantastic Four may finally be headed home to Marvel Studios, but don’t expect to see Wolverine on the big screen with Captain America quite so soon. Deals as big as this take a long time to put together. Once a deal is made, the transition can take even longer, so it could be years before Marvel Studios is able to use the characters it would gain from Fox.