Source: Marvel Studios

If you couldn’t get enough of Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, and how could anyone, you’re in luck. Taika Waititi captured plenty more of Goldblum being Goldblum during production. The director recently spoke with Fandango about sharing more of The Grandmaster when the film arrives on Blu-ray.

“Yeah, there’s a few deleted scenes [but] my favorite stuff actually comes from the extended versions of scenes that are in the film. And most of them actually, aren’t surprisingly, involve Jeff Goldblum, just cause we had such a great sort of riff fest on set, where he would just do his thing. And I would sit there just throwing lines and ideas at him, and, like, here’s a topic to talk about. You know, sort of just shaping this crazy, weird, long version of these things.”

Waititi went into detail about specific extended and deleted scenes, but the descriptions include spoilers, so don’t read any further unless you have seen the film.


For starters, the part where Grandmaster “pardons” a prisoner from life right in front of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) goes on much longer, according to Waititi.

“That part when [Grandmaster] melts that guy in the chair. It was a good three or four minutes of exchange between him and the cousin [Carlo], and the chair, and Thor. Just you know, talking about all sorts of different things.”

There are also much more long-winded speeches from Grandmaster to the Contest of Champions crowd and an additional scene after he dispatches Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to go find Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Thor.

“There are really long versions of his speeches to the crowd in the arena where he is just going on about all sorts of, you know, about licensing a car, and ruminating on all sorts of things.

“Then there’s this other little scene where [Grandmaster] sends Loki and Valkyrie off on this little mission to find Thor and find the Hulk. After that, he does this amazing long five-minute thing between him and Topaz, played by Rachel House. Just sort of like, Valkyrie mimes and he’s trying to get her to understand what he’s saying, but they’re mimes, and it just goes on. It’s amazing stuff, but obviously it cannot be in this movie because this movie would be another half hour long. But, for the bonus features, I think it works perfectly.”

Lastly, there is more Team Thor on the way. Waititi confirmed that Jeff Goldblum, who already spilled the beans, has indeed participated in a follow-up to the shorts that accompanied the Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange digital releases. Waititi did not say, however, when we will see more of Team Thor, but the Ragnarok Blu-ray feels like a safe bet.

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters now and, if it follows the pattern of previous November releases from Marvel Studios, will likely arrive on Digital HD and Blu-ray in February 2018.