UPDATE: Turns out these posters are all fan-made, as Sony Pictures has told io9. The posters are still just as cool. All that changes now is who gets credit.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is about to make its long-awaited debut in China. The film arrives in the Middle Kingdom next Friday, September 8, two months after it debuted in most of the world. That doesn’t mean Spidey hasn’t been visiting, however, as he’s been on quite the tour.

New posters from Marvel in China show Spider-Man (Tom Holland) visiting popular landmarks and making new friends.

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China has been a big market for Marvel Studios and it will need to be again in order for Spider-Man: Homecoming to break the $800 million mark at the global box office. Homecoming has already pulled in $737.1 million worldwide, so even a below average performance in China will get the film to $800 million.

If Homecoming hits big, or at least on par with recent superhero movies, it will surpass 2002’s Spider-Man ($821.7 million) to become the second highest grossing film in franchise history. Whatever happens, Spider-Man: Homecoming is already a big win for Marvel Studios and proven that Sony Pictures was right to place the character in Marvel’s capable hands.