Marvel Studios hosted its first-ever “open house” to a very select group of press last night. Not only did the attendees get a tour of the studio office, as they were shown footage from upcoming Marvel films. Sizzle reels from Spider-Man: HomecomingThor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther were all unveiled.

io9 has provided a description of the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage:

Since we already know so much about this film, there wasn’t much in the way of exciting news, but we did see some very dynamic action shots that featured Peter being thrown through a bus the long way, getting punched out of the frame, and riding a jet it engine. The most revealing shot, however, was of Logan Marshall-Green’s character, the Shocker, shooting a highly advanced gun, then handing it to Donald Glover’s character. No one would say who Glover was playing but, it seems he is certainly one of the bad guys on the Vulture’s team.

We already knew that Logan-Marshall-Green is a member of Adrian Toomes’ (Michael Keaton), but we did not know he was Shocker. Apparently there will be more than one, as we thought Bokeem Woodbine had that role, and I believe he still does. After all, more than one character has assumed that identity in Spider-Man comics and animation.

Source: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures

This is the first mention of anything related to Glover’s character, whose role remains a mystery. I wouldn’t have thought of Glover as a bad guy, but if that’s the direction we’re headed, I’m interested to see what he does against Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

Thor: Ragnarok was next and director Taika Waitit was present to reveal and explain the footage. Here is a description from i09:

The biggest news on the tour came from this film, which is out in November. We were ushered into an editing suite at Marvel, which is basically just a small movie theater with a bunch of computers and monitors in the back, and greeted by director Taika Waititi. He’s still editing the film but wanted to show us a brand new character that has yet to be revealed—one he plays himself.

It’s Korg, a stone alien of the Kronan race, who is trapped in the gladiatorial games just like Thor. He’s almost eight feet tall so Waititi played him in performance capture. The scene we saw was Thor being thrown into a strange cell with Korg and Miek, his sidekick with knife hands. Korg starts to tell Thor about how things work here, that’s he’s the leader, and no one has survived a battle with the grand champion, i.e. the Hulk. Using Waititi’s deep New Zealand accent to its fullest, the scene is laugh-out-loud hilarious as Thor tries to make sense of this weird rock creature. He even tries to run away, only to realize the cell is an infinite loop which can’t be escaped.

Miek + Korg = the Warbound from the “Planet Hulk” comic book arc. We already knew Miek was in the film thanks to a quick reveal Waititi made on Facebook when production wrapped, but this is the first confirmation that Korg will be there. We’ve already seen Thor (Chris Hemsworth) take out a member of the Kronan race in Thor: The Dark World, so here’s hoping Korg is much tougher.

Source: Marvel Studios

The presence of Miek and Korg rounds out a crazy cast of characters that should make Thor: Ragnarok sufficiently weird.

Black Panther followed and this was the first footage shown to any audience outside of Marvel Studios. According to Mashable, the Dora Milaje were front and center.

The Dora Milaje are the Wakandan king’s all-female bodyguard corps that’s also an elite strike force for the technologically superior nation. Though the cameo (above) is Florence Kasumba (who returns as Ayo in Black Panther), much of what we saw in the Black Panther sizzle is focused on Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira, The Walking Dead).

And make no mistake: The Dora Milaje do plenty of heavy lifting in the film. From concept art hanging on an office wall to VFX shots in the sizzle reel to Nyong’o taking out a half-dozen armed soldiers in a scene shot earlier Monday, we got eyeful after eyeful of the Dora Milaje on duty.

Not all of what we saw of the Dora Milaje combat — we also got to see them presiding over a kaleidoscopic yet solemn ceremony to crown a new, untested king. That scene was a distinct diversion from the film’s palette: a bold, contrast-heavy black & white world punctuated with dabs of reds and golds. All the gravity afforded a royal saga is in the designs, including tech and architecture — jagged but fleet flying machines and glittering, steely spires — and it all fits the mood of majestic mystery.

Source: Marvel Studios

io9 described some of the visuals and a coronation scene, showing T’Challa officially assuming the role of King of Wakanda and, consequently, placing the movie in close proximity to Captain America: Civil War.

We saw a sizzle reel explaining the world of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman). It included some truly spectacular concept art and images that go by so fast, it’s hard to detail them all, but what did stand out was the bustling technology of Wakanda: Black jet planes and huge buildings that look modern, but also have a very African feel. There was a shot of what appeared to be two Black Panthers fighting in some kind of underground area. And just beautifully vibrant costumes on everyone, but especially the Dora Milaje. There was a scene in which T’Challa appeared to be fighting someone on a rhino, and also a black arm gauntlet that looks like a panther with the mouth opening at the fist.

We then saw what was likely part of that coronation. It took place at Warrior Falls and featured T’Challa walking down a ramp in front of a cliff lined with all kinds of people, where Forest Whitaker’s character introduced him to the crowd. Boseman didn’t have a shirt on so you could see a huge tattoo going around his back and onto his chest.

And finally, io9 describes a scene between Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis.

The footage shifted then to a casino in Korea where [Klaue] (Andy Serkis) enters with eight men and talks to Everett Ross (Martin Freeman). Ross noted that [Klaue’s] entourage is so big, he must have a mix-tape coming out, to which [Klaue replies, “I do, get him the link.” There will be a big shoot out in this casino featuring both those characters, as well as T’Challa.

Mashable also captured quotes from Black Panther director Ryan Coogler and star Lupita Nyong’o regarding the tone and themes in the film.

“The story’s just gonna be very honest and grim,” director Ryan Coolger says in the sizzle. Nyong’o adds: “The main thrust is tradition vs. progress, and the issue of secrets.”

All of this footage sounds amazing. Hopefully some of it makes its way into sizzle reals at D23 EXPO and San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due in theaters July 7, with Thor: Ragnarok following on November 3 this year, before Black Panther hits theaters February 16, 2018.