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The New York Toy Fair will be held later this month and that means getting a plastic look at this year’s Marvel Studios films. has scored an early, exclusive preview of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line for the film, giving us a peek at the costumes for Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Vulture.

Spider-Man will be available in his original, pre-Stark upgrade costume, confirming what fans spotted in the first trailer. There will also be a Spider-Man figure with web wings. The Vulture is available as an individual figure, but you’ll have to buy the whole set to get his flight gear as a Build-A-Figure. There will also be a 2-pack that includes Spider-Man with alternate head of an unmasked Peter Parker (in Tom Holland’s likeness) and Iron Man in some new armor.

The Iron Man suit from the figure looks very much like what we saw in Captain America: Civil War, but with a color scheme reminiscent of the Ultimate version of the character from the comics. We haven’t seen this suit in any of the footage released thus far, so it’s too early to know for sure if it will actually be featured in the film, or if this new paint job is solely for the enjoyment of collectors.

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ComingSoon didn’t have pictures of the unmasked Spider-Man, but star Tom Holland and director Jon Watts may have already revealed it on Instagram. I just don’t know if what they’ve posted is the Hasbro figure, since Diamond Select Toys also makes Marvel movie figures and could be the manufacturer. In either case, there are plenty of cool Spider-Man: Homecoming collectibles swinging our way!

It’s play time! Where do I buy this?!?! #spidermanhomecoming

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is due in theaters July 7, 2017.