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When you’re looking for casting news, sometimes social media is the gift that keeps on giving. With Marvel’s The Inhumans series set to begin production in the near future, we are probably only weeks or even days away from an official cast announcement. For those who can’t wait, it appears as though one potential cast member may have already spilled the beans.

Late last night, Roel Reine, who’s directing the first two episodes of the series, tweeted a photo of an IMAX camera test. That’s no surprise since the episodes he’s directing will be released in IMAX theaters before all episodes of the series eventually air on ABC. It was reply to Reine’s tweet that may have supplied us with new information.

Elysia Rotaru is either a really big fan of Marvel and Reine, or the actress may have confirmed her own involvement in the series. I’d guess it’s at least the latter and probably both. Rotaru is no stranger to comic book television. She played Taiana on several episodes of Arrow last season.

If Rotaru is part of The Inhumans cast, there are a number of roles she could play. The highest profile of all those potential roles is Medusa, queen and often voice of the Inhuman Royal Family. Rotaru certainly looks the part, if Medusa is her role.

Since the first two episodes of The Inhumans are due in IMAX theaters this September, we really can’t be far off from production. We should officially know more about Rotaru and the rest of the cast very soon.

And just in case the tweet ends up being deleted, here is a screenshot.

Source: Roel Reine and Elysia Rotaru on Twitter