Source: Marvel Comics

Marvel Television is moving quickly to put together Inhumans. The eight-episode series is now only nine months shy of its first two episodes debuting in IMAX theaters next Labor Day before all episodes begin airing on ABC later in September 2017. Scott Buck has been added to serve as the showrunner for the series. Known for his work on Dexter, Buck most  recently served as the showrunner for Marvel’s Iron Fist, which wrapped a couple months ago and is currently in postproduction.

As exciting as this news may be for Inhumans, it’s also a great sign for Iron Fist. Marvel must be pretty excited about the work Buck handed in on Iron Fist, which will debut on Netflix next March, if the company has signed him for another series so soon. And it’s not just any series, as Inhumans is a completely new and unique venture with Marvel partnering not only with ABC, but also IMAX for a theatrical series debut that will be the first of its kind.

Inhumans has the potential to open up brand new doors for Marvel Television. With Buck signed on to lead the charge, we can expect a number of announcements to start popping up in the coming months. Among the first tasks for Buck will be casting Black Bolt and the Royal Family. The rumor mill will start churning out names soon enough and final decisions will have to be made early in 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter