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Inhumans is back on the Marvel Cinematic Universe slate. No, the project is not going forward as the movie that was originally announced two years ago, it will be shown in IMAX theaters. Marvel is bring Inhumans to ABC next fall as a television series. Before it gets there, however, Inhumans will have its first two episodes screened exclusively in IMAX theaters.

Thanks to a unique partnership between Marvel Television, Disney/ABC Television Group, and IMAX, the first two episodes of Inhumans will premiere in IMAX theaters for a two-week, limited engagement beginning September 2017. ABC will then begin showing the entire series—including those first two episodes with new, exclusive content—later in the fall. This television series debut is the first of its kind and another first for IMAX.

IMAX, known primarily as an exhibitor and the source of cameras that cater to its theatrical format, is a financing partner on the Inhumans pilot and series. IMAX will be working with Marvel and ABC on joint marketing and the company’s vested interest could obviously lead to more IMAX events for Inhumans. For now, though, it’s exciting to know that the series is backed by some big-time resources, like the IMAX digital cameras with which the entire series will be filmed.

The official announcement did not list any Inhumans characters by name, save for Black Bolt (the leader of the Inhumans), but it did mention the Royal Family. That means characters like Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Lockjaw, and Maximus the Mad all have an excellent chance of appearing (unless any of them are owned by Fox as part of the X-Men/Fantastic Four licenses).

Source: Marvel Comics
Source: Marvel Comics

I’ve said before that Inhumans is a much better-suited for television than movies, so I really like this move. All of the super powers (and Lockjaw) make for some big, fun spectacle—and the series will no doubt have it with IMAX being involved, but what makes these characters so great is the drama between them. The unique relationships that the members of the Royal Family have with outsiders and each other need more time to be developed an explored than a 2-hour movie will allow.

This partnership with IMAX is very intriguing. If it works, then Inhumans might only be the beginning for Marvel, ABC, and IMAX that could see more Marvel Television series receiving Marvel Cinematic treatment. All of that is a ways off, obviously, but it’s already a huge win for Marvel fans to see Inhumans in live-action, and in IMAX.

Source: Marvel