Marvel Studios has released a brand new “Universes Within” featurette for Doctor Strange. In the video, the filmmakers, including director Scott Derrickson, producer/Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, and star Benedict Cumberbatch, describe the way in which the movie will explore new dimensions and the multiverse.

It is all brand new territory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and highlighted brilliantly with side-by-side comparisons to the classic Steve Ditko artwork from Doctor Strange’s first stories in Strange Tales, which inspired the look of the film. This includes never-before-seen footage from the movie.

These visuals are exactly what I was hoping for and wasn’t quite seeing in the trailers released thus far. I understand and appreciate the way Marvel Studios is trying to save the film’s most impressive visuals for the theater, but this little piece of reassurance is nice. My already lofty expectations for Doctor Strange just went up.

Tickets for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which opens on November 4, are now on sale, including advanced Thursday night showings on November 3. See Fandango for details.