Source: Marvel Animation

Marvel Television and ABC Studios are looking to make a New Warriors series featuring Squirrel Girl, according to TVLine. They are currently shopping the series, which is being packaged as a half hour comedy, to cable networks and streaming services. Given the recent popularity of Squirrel Girl, it is likely they will find a network or streaming outlet willing to at least order a pilot.

Squirrel Girl, one of the most offbeat and obscure characters in the Marvel canon, has developed a cult following of ever-increasing intensity and even some recent mainstream attention. The character, real name Doreen Green, has had her own successful ongoing comic book series the last couple years and picked up some famous fans. Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick and Stranger Things star Shannon Purser have each expressed interest in playing the character this summer.

Of course, this is not a dedicated Squirrel Girl series (at least right now it isn’t). Squirrel Girl will be one of several yet to be named heroes on New Warriors. While the title is sure to get Marvel fans excited about seeing Speedball, Namorita, Night Trasher, Nova, and more in live-action, the title of the series does not guarantee the inclusion of any specific characters.

Squirrel Girl, who’s been a Great Lakes Avenger, has never been a member of the New Warriors in the comics. That’s already a clear signal to expect a modified lineup. Also, remember that Marvel Television is building to The Defenders on Netflix, which shares the name but not the roster of the famous comic book team.

Speaking of Netflix, hopefully the streaming service will be willing to add one more Marvel series to its plate, as there’s already a connection to two of its current series, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Doreen Green once served as a nanny for Jones and Cage after they got together and had a kid. Romance has already been established between Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Cage (Mike Colter), so as improbable as it may be, it’s not impossible that we could see Squirrel Girl doing some superhero babysitting one day.

Marvel Television and ABC Studios did not comment on the story and likely will not until they are able to sell the series. TVLine‘s report did not mention whether or not New Warriors will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but here’s hoping it will be!