It’s been a while since we’ve heard his named mentioned in association with Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE. I’d even feared he had dropped out of any talks to appear in the film, but according to Deadline, Chiwetel Ejiofor will indeed appear as Baron Mordo in Marvel’s November 2016 release. In the comics, Mordo is a long-time rival turned nemesis of Stephen Strange, whom Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, but villainy may not be Mordo’s initial pursuit.

Marvel is reportedly turning Mordo into an amalgamation of characters from the DOCTOR STRANGE mythos and won’t necessarily be a bad guy right out of the gate. This would make sense given that Mordo and Strange are both students under the tutelage of The Ancient One, a master of the mystic arts reportedly being played by Tilda Swinton. Greed and jealousy wind up getting the better of Mordo and he turns when his status as prized pupil is lost and Strange moves to the front of the line as Earth’s next Sorcerer Supreme.

Marvel could certainly take their time developing Mordo’s evil turn, as there are several other foes that could challenge Doctor Strange in the interim. Chief among them are Dormammu (think of him as the “Thanos” of Marvel’s mystic side) and Nightmare, ruler of the dimension of bad dreams and a character director Scott Derrickson could have a lot of wicked fun with.

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE arrives in theaters November 4, 2016 and Chiwetel Ejiofor can next be seen in Z FOR ZACHARIAH (below) on August 21, 2015.