UPDATE: Don’t get too attached to the idea of Drew Goddard writing and directing the next Spider-Man film. A representative for Goddard told Comic Book Resources that the writer/director “hasn’t met on the title yet.” These days, denials are about as reliable as rumors, but even if Goddard hasn’t met with Sony or Marvel about this new Spider-Man movie, that doesn’t mean he is not the preferred choice of the studios. He could still be called into a meeting and potentially signed at a later date.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans were elated last month to learn that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment had come together and reached a deal that will bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Included in that deal is a new Spider-Man solo film from Sony that will be co-produced by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and soon-to-be former SPE boss Amy Pascal. Today, it looks like Latino Review has discovered that a familiar name will handle writing and directing duties on that feature.

Drew Goddard was going to write and direct SINISTER SIX, a team-up film featuring villains from the now defunct AMAZING SPIDER-MAN series. Those plans have fallen by the wayside (for now, anyway), but Sony and Marvel still like Goddard and, according to LR’s report, will hire him to write and direct the Spider-Man solo film set for release on July 28, 2017.

This would be a great hire and based on Goddard’s recent background, both Sony and Marvel would be keeping it in the family. Goddard was the original executive producer and showrunner on Marvel’s DAREDEVIL series for Netflix before having to leave due to his SINISTER SIX time commitments for Sony. Goddard is obviously someone both Marvel and Sony have faith in.

There are other key notes in the report. First is that there will not be an origin story this time around, which is definitely for the best. Everyone knows the drill. The spider bite happened, Uncle Ben died, and this new Spider-Man now exists. LR’s article reiterates previous rumors that Spider-Man will still be in high school, so we are looking at “early years” Spidey.

Andrew Garfield is out and a new actor, possibly an unknown will be chosen. Dylan O’Brien (THE MAZE RUNNER), whose name has often been mentioned in recasting reports, is not currently favored to win the role due to his age (23) and current contractual obligations. It seems Sony and Marvel are really looking for a younger actor who can pass for a high school kid for more than one film.

LR’s source says casting won’t begin in earnest for “a number of months,” but I’m betting on a faster timetable. We may not hear anything official for a while, but with Spider-Man expected to appear in Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, the studios will have to find their new actor sooner than later. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR starts filming next month and Marvel Studios would have to feel better about letting cameras roll with a new Spider-Man already in place.

The current title being thrown around for the new series is THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, which would be a good way of branding the new series to separate it from what’s come before and what might come later. Reportedly, this could be a trilogy with new films released over consecutive summers. While that’s certainly possible, I can’t imagine Sony and Marvel would already know if such a plan is feasible and can be worked within Marvel’s Phase Three plans, of which Spider-Man will theoretically be part. Stay tuned on that one.

There are various other plot details from the new Spider-Man film included in LR’s report, which you can read it’s entirety here. Just keep in mind that any and all pre-script creative details are subject to change.