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I try not to make a habit of publishing James Gunn’s social media posts. After all, you really should already be following the director of Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on Twitter and especially Facebook. He deserves the clicks for what he posts far more than me or anyone else who might share it. Earlier today, however, Gunn delivered a Facebook post that must be highlighted.

Over the weekend, superhero movies came under fire at both the Independent Spirit Awards and the 87th Annual Academy Awards. You’ve heard the “too many superhero movies” rhetoric before, but it was thickened with a few extra layers as the people who make those movies were spouting it to their peers who also make those movies and the millions of viewers at home who love watching them.

Gunn eloquently summed up this thoughts on the matter with the following:

Well said. Bravo, Mr. Gunn.

I have my own opinions regarding the negative sentiments aimed at superhero movies, which I shared with far less eloquence than James Gunn in my Twitter rant earlier today.