Scheduling conflicts may have prevented him from directing THOR: THE DARK WORLD, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Kenneth Branagh is done with Marvel Studios. The director of 2011’s THOR and this year’s CINDERELLA told The Hollywood Reporter he’s open to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m pleased to say that I continue to have good relationships with all my Marvel family. It’s a people game the movie game, and although these films are big articulated lorries, they still have to be driven by real people. I fondly remember good times working on Thor. So you always look to repeat that kind of thing, and if it happened again, I’d be delighted.

CINDERELLA has kept Branagh in the greater Disney family, so a second round with Marvel is far from out of the question. It really is a matter of whether or not there’s mutual interest between Branagh and Marvel over one of the studio’s upcoming films. THOR: RAGNAROK is the most obvious possibility and it would be great to see Branagh in charge of the God of Thunder once again.

There are other projects in Marvel’s upcoming slate that could also be a potentially strong fit for Branagh’s sensibilities. The Shakespearian family drama that he handled so perfectly in THOR can also be found in a property like INHUMANS. Branagh could also make an outstanding CAPTAIN MARVEL movie.

What say you? Do you want Kenneth Branagh back in the MCU fold? If so, which movie should he helm?