Effective this May, Amy Pascal is leaving her role as co-chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment. The news is hardly surprising given the controversy Sony endured when the studio was hacked late last year. Pascal was affected personally with many of her own emails brought to light. The question on the minds of superhero fans this morning is what does this mean for Spider-Man?

The simple answer is it’s too early to tell and no one should assume that this is an automatic step toward Spidey ending up back at Marvel Studios. In fact, Pascal is going to land on her feet and remain involved with the Web-Slinger for the time being. Pascal has inked a four-year deal on a production venture that will keep her at Sony and she will still be a producer on the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN franchise.

If anything, what we can take away from this is that if or when Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment meet again to discuss the movie rights to Spider-Man, Pascal will likely not have the same level of authority she’s had in the past. Her new contract may (or may not) include certain financial entitlements in the event of Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she’d probably get a chance to voice her opinion, but SPE’s new leader or someone above at Sony proper will be the key decision maker.

I still believe Spider-Man will inevitably arrive in the MCU, but a regime change at SPE is not guaranteed to accelerate the process. It could even slow things down if the new leadership is given a chance to course correct.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter