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Now that we’ve all recovered from the whirlwind rumor mill that was the casting of the title role in DOCTOR STRANGE, it’s time to figure out which actors will join Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme. According to a new report, Marvel is trying to hand director Scott Derrickson another immensely talented actor to work with in Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 YEARS A SLAVE). Marvel hopes Ejiofor will fill a major role in the film, but whether he would be a friend or foe to Stephen Strange is not yet known.

Looking at the comics, there are four very prominent male roles associated with Doctor Strange. If Ejiofor is sought to be an antagonist, he would be fantastic as either Baron Mordo or Dormammu. Mordo is Strange’s most personal nemesis, as it was Strange who passed up the long-waiting Mordo for supremacy in the eyes of the Ancient One, who taught both in the ways of sorcery (more on him in a minute). The Dread Dormammu is the big bad on the mystical side of Marvel mythology, much in the way that Thanos looms large as the predominant threat in Marvel cosmic.

On the friendly side, Ejiofor could play Wong, the loyal but lethal when needed servant of Dr. Strange. An even bigger role than that, however, would be the aforementioned Ancient One. It is the Ancient One who introduced Strange to magic and mysticism when all the good, but selfish doctor wanted was a cure for his hands, which were injured in a car accident and left Strange unable to continue his career as the world’s best neurosurgeon. It’s about time Liam Neeson wasn’t everyone’s mentor and watching Ejiofor impart eloquent wisdom upon Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange would be a sight to see.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter