Has Marvel Studios finally found its DOCTOR STRANGE? Deadline says the studio has with Benedict Cumberbatch now being in final negotiations for the title role in director Scott Derrickson’s upcoming superhero film. Cumberbatch was first rumored for the role months ago, but cooled as the focus shifted to Joaquin Phoenix. Now, Cumberbatch is back in the mix as the buzz around him is at an all-time high with his performance in THE IMITATION GAME having many listing him as a favorite for an Oscar nomination. 

If this really is the end of Marvel’s search for Stephen Strange, call it a successful one. Cumberbatch fulfills the prerequisite of being a great actor while also adding another key dimension with his understanding of and appreciation for fan and geek culture. He’ll be right at home with the Marvel Cinematic Universe crowd and already seemed to be having fun with it while handling questions about the persistent rumors at July’s San Diego Comic Con.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the phrase “final negotiations” used to describe talks between Marvel and an actor for this role, so we eagerly await and hope for studio confirmation on this. Marvel has a big event planned for Marvel Unlimited Plus subscribers and media in Los Angeles tomorrow, which would certainly be an appropriate time to make such an announcement, if the deal is done.