Marvel goes cosmic in the debut trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Check out the video and reaction below.

The humor with which Marvel has laced its films is immediately apparent in the trailer. Chris Pratt is very much in step with the role of Peter Quill, combining a consciously over-inflated ego with a little charm mixed in for good measure. We don’t hear anything from the rest of the crew unfortunately, but aesthetically, director James Gunn has undoubtedly captured the essence of the comics.

Without a doubt, this is a full blown space adventure with intergalactic action sure to abound. For those not sold on that kind of thing, Chris Pratt and (once we hear him as Rocket Raccoon) Bradley Cooper will keep them laughing with playfully mean-spirited banter, but only with all due respect, of course. Meanwhile, Drax (Dave Bautista) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) are sure to deliver ample-sized helpings of badassery.

Oh, and watch out for Karen Gillan as Nebula. We don’t hear from her at all, but it appears as though looks will indeed kill when she’s around. Perhaps she’ll steal a scene or two like Antje Traue did as Faora in last year’s MAN OF STEEL.

For most of the world, this footage is all brand new and an amusing introduction to the Guardians. For Comic Con and D23 Expo attendees, however, it might be a bit of a letdown to see very little from the film that was not already unveiled last July. Even so, it’s great to have these visuals available clearly, legally, and on demand.

Launching the trailer on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! helped get it in front of some extra eyes that were not yet looking for GOTG. Hopefully, this was enough to get them intrigued for Marvel Studios’ biggest gamble yet. We nerds would not mind a little company on August 1, 2014 when GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY arrives in theaters.