Ever the social media darling, Vin Diesel has taken to Facebook once again to provide fans with an update on his upcoming portrayal of Groot, a 7-foot tree, in Marvel Studios’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. In the video above, Diesel spends his downtime on the set of FAST & FURIOUS 7 walking around on stilts in preparation for his motion capture work in the James Gunn film. Diesel’s GUARDIANS costar, Djimon Hounsou cameos in the video as well. Diesel also takes the time to elaborate on how seriously he is taking his one-line role.

My father taught me there are no small roles, only small actors. I have one line in the movie, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’m still going to make it the best thing I possibly can. Even if it means taking Andy Serkis to a whole [other] level, which is what we wanna do with our motion capture.

The fruit of Diesel’s labor will be seen as Groot struts his stuff in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on August 1, 2014.